ABOUT Kris-Mā & Lord Caboclo

We are an acoustic duo (2 voices, 2 guitars, drums, Tibetan bowls and other ethnic instruments) set up in 2019 to bring medicine music in ceremonies and other healing circles.

After the Toca com Amor improvisation sessions (with fellow musicians Maci and Punkaboclo), we release our first single, Mother, in collaboration with Sicilian producer and guitar virtuoso Saro Tribastone, followed by an the eponymous EP.

At the end of 2020 we took charge of the musical part in healing ceremonies with entheogenics from the Amazon Forest, facilitated by an eclectic Venetian herbalist. At the same time we supported our soul twins Zu & Tati (ZuMusic) in Ikarunchi shamanic rituals and in managing the Querce Bianche Holistic Centre in north-east Italy.

In 2021 we produced and toured a theatre/music show called Etnacity, with percussionist Matteo Poli and violinist Luca Violino.

In 2022 with the ending of this first two experiences, we launched our own musical ceremonies and intensified collaborations with other holistic therapists and yoga teachers.

Our mission is to bring medicine music out of the milieu it originated from, without changing its nature.

We run musical ceremonies, which are not just a concert, but an event that combines elements of meditation, introspective listening and choral participation.

Our musical journey has been a serendipitous chain of coincidences that allowed us to flourish even the gloomy years of the pandemic, and to channel from the spheres of music a rich repertoire of more than 50 original songs to date.

We are in the process of setting up an Italian medicine music label and are working on our first album, To the Sun.


Kris-Mā - AKA Lady Mary, Sweet Rain was born in Veneto (Italy) in 1975.

I'm a singer-songwriter who has always felt a deep bond with the Divine, with the Spirit.
My spiritual practice is based on both the Hindu tradition and the Native American tradition, and is strongly tied to music and singing, which to me are a form of prayer, a mean to send one’s voice to the Universe.
My songs are prayers, for the Great Mystery, for the Mother – the feminine form of the Divine. The lyrics speak of my personal relation with the Divine (everyone has his/hers) and music allows me to live it to the fullest. My soul finds its channel of expression through music. Many songs are mantra-like, to bring – I hope – peace and clarity of mind. I wish to create a form of prayer, of meditation.

I firmly believe in music and the human voice as instruments for self-healing, and they can become a medicine for the listener too.
I make music of medicine and devotion.
Musical practice is to me a need, a prayer, an offer to the Divine, to the Mother. My musical space is an altar, a sacred cave. The voice is an instrument for the soul to reveal itself and bring forth its constant, overwhelming longing to feel and recognize God in every moment.

Lord Caboclo

Davide Fassio - AKA mr. Fasic, Lord Caboclo Pena Branca, Rainbo, ilGi - was born in Piedmont (Italy) in 1972.
“ I played saxophone in the village band as a kid, doodled with an air-guitar but then ditched music altogether to dive into visual arts.
I studied Ceramics, Video-making and Multimedia installation in the UK, first at Nottingham Trent and then in London's Chelsea College of Arts. After practicing video and action art for a while, and directing the Nottingham Psychogeographical Unit, I switched to watercolours and writing, producing a number of travel books.

Little by little however, creativity dissolved into a trickle and then completely dried up.
I asked the Universe to find it back, and sure it answered me, but not in the way I expected, for the answer laid in a territory yet unknown to me: music. I promptly started to study guitar and seek a voice, and a composing verve, to interpret and contribute to the ever-expanding repertoire of medicine music. This trip started in 2019 and is still fully in the making. ”
Here's some of my drawings and visual works: Fasica website